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Usability eBook Usability - Beyond RIA

Usability, though a frequently used term but is the least understood in the industry. This report highlights how a magnificently designed product/solution can still make users struggle to achieve even the simple desired objectives.

This report is NOT an academic study, rather it share experiences on Usability with examples and implementations from software industry. It talks about gaps between user expectations and their actual interactions with products.
NodeJS eBook NodeJS vs J2EE - A performance comparison study

This report is based on our research and findings about performance of a popular and extensively used multithreaded synchronous model based web application technology using Spring/Hibernate, compared against the power of an event based, single process, asynchronous model based web application technology using NodeJS. We tested the NodeJS capabilities about being blazing fast and being highly concurrent with its event based asynchronous model, and produced variety of performance charts and suggestions on when to use NodeJS and when to use Spring/Hibernate.
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