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One stop shop for all your delivery needs
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  • 100% Customer Reference-ability

    We measure our success by your success. We will do whatever it takes to make you successful. We are resourceful, dependable and reliable. It's that simple.

  • Less than 0.2% Defect Density

    We take quality seriously. Given that most systems are highly complex, with very limited documentation and using a multitude of APIs, languages and frameworks - we ensure that our defect density exceeds the delivery requirements.

  • Zero Schedule Slippages

    All your deliveries, always on-time! Deadlines are critical milestones for us. Not only do we ensure meeting the release quality criteria, your deliveries will always be on-time!

  • 95% Employee Retention

    Happy and committed employees means excellence in delivery. You will love working our team and enjoy a long, enriching and mutually beneficial working relationship. It's one of the key reasons why our collaborative R&D gives a competitive edge to all our partners.

Our Services

Our clients say our collaborative R&D gives them a competitive edge in technology!



User Research, Wireframes, Prototypes, Mockups, User Testing, User Interface Design
Software Development

Software Development

Application Development Maintenance & Support Java, MEAN, Python, .Net, Php
DevOps and Docker


Docker & MicroServices, Kafka, AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, Spark, ELK, Cloud, CI/CD, Jenkins, Github
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

"Manual Testing, JMeter, Mocha, Chai, Automation Testing, Bug Fixing, Reporting & Analytics"
Pay-on-Results Data Sciences Services

Pay-on-Results Data Sciences Services

Pay-on-results: Big Data Analytics Classifiers, Look-alikes, Data Lakes R, Hadoop, Pig, Spark, Python, D3
Cognitive Applications

Cognitive Applications

"Machine Learning and Neural Networks Learning, Predictive Models, Recommendation Engines"

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Whether it be UI/UX, Software Development, AI Software Development, DevOps, QA/Testing,
MicroServices, handling Big Data or ensuring your systems are secure end-2-end.
TechFerry is the best choice as your preferred partner.


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The best part about working with TechFerry is that you guys get excited about every new innovative feature we request. In dealing with other partners, we used to see blank faces on such new approaches, while with TechFerry it is excitement. Also, we liked the fact that the click-fatigue is very less while using the eCommerce product you are developing for us. It is cool to see data getting saved and updated as we type.

Testimonail 1
Managing Director
E-Commerce Company in the Manufacturing Industry

Please relay our appreciation of the hard work your entire team did to get us ready for the demo. We had a very large crowd attend. Needless to say, they were blown away. We couldn’t have done it without the TechFerry Team so I’d like to share a big Thank You with them for the success here. They put in a lot of work to pull it off.

Testimonail 2
Director, R & D
A Leading Software Company in the Power Industry
Our Methodology

Our Methodology for Success

The secret behind successful project deliveries is the software development methodology follows by us.
> Roadmap
> Release Planning
> Definition
> Development Sprints
> QA & Release

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Tools of the trade

Tools of the Trade

Our team know the right tools to the right job which serves as a key factor for timely delivery.
> Jasmine, Mocha, Chai
> JIRA, Asana, Jenkins, Jmeter, CI/CD
> Wireframe, UI/UX, InvisionApp, XD
> Junit, Seleniu,, HTTPUnit
> Version, Bugzilla, WebDriver, Maven

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Quality Matrics

Quality Metrics

Delivery track record summed up below to provide an insight on our quality metrics.
> 0% Schedule Slippages
> 0% Build Rejections
> 0 Escalations
> Less than 0.2% Defect Density
> Less than 0.5% Critical & High Defects

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Case Studies

Our clients say our collaborative R&D gives them a competitive edge in technology!

Deliver Velocity

Deliver Velocity

The key is to deliver fast, scale fast.

Lightning-fast re-engineering of a live, undocumented
and unmaintained complex product stack with
10,000 users with minimal budgetary impact!

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Virtual Team

An offshore team working seamlessly with your on-shore one, delivering higher productivity and quality with cost savings! A win-win solution!

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Deliver without Requirements

Deliver without Requirements?

We just got a single one-liner requirement!
No details, no suggestions, no user inputs.
We loved the freedom!

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Moving an Offline Biz to Online

Moving an Offline Biz to Online!

Enabling an offline business to the online space for B2C and
B2B customers, while making it easy of use with reduced

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