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AI Development, Pay-on-results Data Science, DevOps, QA & Testing services

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Founded in 2011, TechFerry is helping clients in US with Advanced Healthcare Technology Services and Enterprise Answers -
We are the World's leading Advanced Healthcare Technology Services company. We have been helping transform US healthcare for the last decade.

Services for Providers

ETL, Data Analytics,
Anomaly Detection
Data Modeling, Forecasting,
Drug Recommendations, and
Cure rate prediction models.

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(US) North East
with world-leading
technology services
since 2011.

Services For Payers

Machine Learning / Big Data Analytics for:
Improved Receivables
Reduce billing anomalies
Sharper Claims processing and Audit
Variability reduction

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Services For Operations

AI/ML driven Cost controls for consumables,
Demand Forecasting
Staffing forecasting
and Drug Utilization and Infections Rates Trending and Patterns

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Services For Physicians

Conversation AI / Chatbots,
Mobile Assistants / Tele-medicine,
Epic Reports
Process Automation

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Services For Digital Assets

Unified Performance monitoring,
Data Analytics,
Data Standardization & Systems Integration

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Our Methodology

Reliability, Trust, Quality & Maturity

We adhere to an iterative methodology to enable a managed yet rapid development and release cycle. A typical cycle covers the following stages:

Roadmap - Release Planning - Definition - Development Sprints - QA & Release.

Quality Metrics

  • 0% Schedule Slippages
  • 0% Build Rejections
  • 0% Escalations
  • Less than 0.2% Defect Density
  • Less 0.5% Critical & High Defects
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The best part about working with TechFerry is that you guys get excited about every new innovative feature we request. In dealing with other partners, we used to see blank faces on such new approaches, while with TechFerry it is excitement. Also, we liked the fact that the click-fatigue is very less while using the eCommerce product you are developing for us. It is cool to see data getting saved and updated as we type.

Managing Director
E-Commerce Company in the HealthCare Industry

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