About TechFerry

TechFerry Team


Founded in 2011, TechFerry is helping clients in US, Europe and Oceania with Software Development and 10X Business Growth - using our services and product offerings.

Why Choose Us?

  • 100% customer reference-ability
  • Zero schedule slippages, 0 build rejections
  • IP protection agreements in place
  • 95% employee retention
  • State-of-the-art Development Center
  • 7 consecutive years profitable
  • Secure and access-controlled premises
  • Space for 75+ employees
  • No hidden costs

Our Services

  • Application Development
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Java, MEAN, Python, .Net, Php

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  • Machine Learning and Neural Networks
  • Learning: Un/Supervised, Inductive, Deep
  • Regression, Predictive Models, Rules

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  • Autonomous Services w/Bounded Context
  • Orchestration, Monitoring, Logging
  • Docker, K8s, Thanos, Kafka, Cassandra, ELK

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  • Results-based Big Data Analytics
  • Classifiers, Look-alikes, Data Lakes
  • R, Hadoop, Pig, Spark, Python, D3

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  • SaaS, Multi-Tenant
  • Session Management, Search, Middleware
  • ReST, Lucene/Solr, ElasticSearch

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  • Vulnerability and Risk Assessment.
  • DevOps, Security Audit, Risk Audit
  • PenTest, VulTest, Server Hardening

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Our Expertise

Java, MEAN, Python, .Net, Php, Salesforce
90% Complete (success)
M/L, Regression, Deep Learning, Stochastic Models
90% Complete (success)
Kafka, Spark, Cassandra, Hadoop, ELK, Prometheus
90% Complete (success)
Data Analytics, R, Ontologies, Classifiers
90% Complete (success)
SaaS, Multi-Tenant, Lucene, Solr, ElasticSearch
90% Complete (success)
PenTest, VulTest, Server Hardening, DevOps
90% Complete (success)