Pay-on-Results Data Sciences

Pay for Results, not people!

Time: Based on Complexity

In Data Science, imagine paying for Results, not for people!

Services: Results-based Data Science

Services: Results-based Data Science

Impact: Pay for Results, not people!

Time: Based on problem complexity


Do you know according to Gartner, more than 75% of all businesses who undertake data projects face significant challenges in providing a positive ROI.

They have gone one step further and claimed even analytics insights will not deliver net positive outcomes until 2022. That's 3 more years. 3 years of investments, without significant results. 36 months of business frustration. 144 weeks of disillusionment.

In today's markets, 3 years is almost a lifetime!

Is it too much to ask for results from Data Science?

Can your business afford the wait?


While everyone is trying to find a way to make it work. The truth is, there are no short-cuts to success.

This doesn't mean that it is impossible! There are still about 25% of projects out there that do see success. The key difference between the ones that are successful and the others is a simple thing - experience.

Would you trust your business and its model on a high-risk, un-proven maverick idea or take the tried and tested approach?

TechFerry has a successful track record in making data science work for enterprises.

We understand and feel your pain.

What makes TechFerry different?

We don't provide Data Scientists. We're not a staffing company. We deliver data science-driven results.

That is why we are extending this great offer to you for a limited time.

Why should you, as a business owner take the risk and get no returns?

We say, you pay when data scientist actually delivers results. It’s that simple. – Pay for Results, not for people.

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