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Faster business growth requires much more reasoning and much more effort.

2X to 10X growth requires multiplying our efforts on thinking, creativity and on actions. For example, in sales and marketing, we need to be much more creative and require much more hustle just to get our voice heard. Consumer attention span is at an all time low and we need to cut through the noise harder than ever before.

Good news, however is that AI is getting mature. It can think, it can be creative. It can hustle. It can not only detect distinctive growth patterns and anomalies but also assist in automating many of our mandate labor intensive tasks. All the reasoning and hustle that were human tasks so far - are being assisted by AI now.

Growth Analytics and ability to find growth silver-bullets (that has the potential to grow a business by 2X to 10X) is now possible with the recent advances in AI.

Technological Evolution

It all started with algorithms and data science getting popular. Predictive Analytics (Machine Learning, Prescriptive analytics, data science or whatever you may prefer to call it) has helped many companies solve some of the complex problems and resulted in millions of dollars in savings. Data Analytics - data modelling and actionable insights were its biggest strength. Then came the Deep Learning approach. Ability for a computer to comprehend and express itself became the new norm. Deep learning outperformed standard machine learning algorithms for complex scenarios.

However, both Predictive Analytics and Deep learning were limited in their ability to solve some of the complex Growth Scenarios. See Predictive Analytics is dead. So, we needed to go beyond standard data science and that is the genesis of JetFerry.

The growth problems are hard and AI is evolving. For example, understanding customer sentiment is utmost important in predicting growth. Customers are speaking, we are limited by our ability to listen. Customer sentiment data is available in text and audio formats. However, a combination of current Data Science combined with state of the art NLP (Natural Language processing) simply lacks in its ability to extract sentiment to required precision. We definitely need to look beyond. Computing needs to involve from interpreting rules and logic to understanding context - which is hard.

Fast Growth

We live in a fast paced world. Companies are setting new records of how fast we can grow.

Looking at Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in USA, the top 10 companies have grown more than 200 times in last 3 years. 200 times!!

There are 100 private companies in the USA which have grown more than 35 times in last 3 years. There are 3300 companies in 2015 list of Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies that have more than doubled in last 3 years. Get the complete study at Fastest Growing Companies.

That is the genesis of JetFerry. It is a product from TechFerry which uses AI for business growth but goes way beyond standard data science, deep learning and NLP.

JetFerry helps companies grow faster by
  • Finding growth insights and saving opportunities - using machine learning, predictive and prescriptive analytics - Biz Magnet.
  • Put business on autopilot - let your business flourish while you are on vacation - Biz Cruize.
  • Growth at jet speed - discover Growth Silver bullet (2X to 10X growth in a year) - Biz Jet.
Learn more about JetFerry features.

It is not just about long vacations (though we welcome it), it is not just about finding the key insight that can put your business on fast growth track It is about setting new standards for how fast our companies can grow.

TechFerry (with its offering JetFerry) has helped many clients with Growth Analytics and finding the the growth silver bullet (2X to 10X growth). Contact us if you wish to get your business evaluated for growth.

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TechFerry is helping companies grow using Growth Analytics & IT Innovation. Our product JetFerry uses AI for faster business growth.

We help put your business on fast growth track using Growth Analytics. Healthcare companies are benefiting from Healthcare analytics to improve the quality of care, take better clinical decisions and reduce costs for payers.

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