Fusion of Videos and Web widgets

Web Video Fusion Fusion of Videos and Web widgets
Video Presentation Transcript

  1. Fusion of Video and Web Widgets
  2. Video-Web Fusion Video Section Web Section
    Video drives Web Section and Vice-Versa.
  3. Example 1 Video Survey
  4. Video Surveys
    • Engage viewers while they are watching
      • Live webinars
      • Corp. presentations
    Respond to Survey here
  5. Example 2 Video-Grid Fusion
  6. Video Grid Fusion Top 5 countries by GDP
    1. United States
    2. China
    3. Japan
    4. Germany
    5. France
    - Video provides a glimpse.
    - Full data appears synchronously in web secction.
  7. Video Grid Fusion
    • Videos can't include exhaustive information.
    • Web section grid will let users
      • view detailed information
      • search information relevant to them.
    Search your country
  8. Example 3 Video-Form Fusion
  9. Video-Form Fusion
    • Capture information while users are watching the video
    • Use case : Sign-up form
  10. Sign-up Form
    • Show a 2 minute promotional video
    • Ask user to sign-up
    • On successful sign-up, let the user continue watching the video.
    Sign-up here
  11. Example 4 Video Based Exam
  12. Video Based Exam
    • Questions appear in video
      • Animated Graphical problems
      • Video based Attention to Detail questions
      • Pronunciation check
    • User responds in web section
  13. Video Based Exam Answer here
  14. Possibilities Use the power of all web-widgets
    • to add interaction to your existing videos
    • without changing the video content
    Tons of intuitive use cases:
    • Guided product tours, Marketing & Sales, Educational Videos etc.
    • What's your use case?
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