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We offer a wide gamut of services to address your needs end-to-end.
Whether it be Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Revenue Cycle Management, Risk Management, Compliance Management, Software Development, Security or QA / Testing, TechFerry is the best choice as your preferred partner.
We deliver world-class proficiency across all methodologies, generally advocate a tools based approach and have a strongly data-driven mindset.

Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics, Classifiers, Trends and Patterns, Anomaly Detection, Data Modelling, Data Lakes, R, Hadoop, Pig, Spark, Python, D3
Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

Improved Receivables, Reduced Billing Anomalies, Sharper Revenue Forecasting, Fast-track-Billing, Trends and Patterns
Risk Management

Risk Management

Visualizations, Trends and Patterns, Claims Processing and Audit, Fraud detection, Variability Reductions, Statistical Analysis

Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Regulatory and Statutory Digital Filing, Data Compliance, Process Compliance Assessment, Fraud detection
Software Development

Software Development

Application Development, Maintenance & Support, Java, JavaScript, Python, .Net, PhP, React, SQL
Security & Risk Audit

Security and QA

Vulnerability and Security Audit, PenTest, QA, Testing, Automated Testing, Jasmine, Selenium, Grinder, Appium, TestComplete

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The best part about working with TechFerry is that you guys get excited about every new innovative feature we request. In dealing with other partners, we used to see blank faces on such new approaches, while with TechFerry it is excitement. Also, we liked the fact that the click-fatigue is very less while using the eCommerce product you are developing for us. It is cool to see data getting saved and updated as we type.

Managing Director
E-Commerce Company in the Manufacturing Industry

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